Hiking trails

duration: 8-9 h type: hiking-sacral tour

To start this trip, we recommend you park your car near the site where the remains of the St. Nicholas church are located. Near the remains of the church at the cross on the meadow, you can pray and go begin your tour.

If you want to drink spring water, then stop at the spring Pekinac before climbing Rochs’ stairs.

Twisted  Rochs stairs are next to the site of St. Nicholas. These twisted stone stairs lead up the hill to the remains of the former chapel of St. Rocco. Today, the chapel is demolished, but it still offers a beautiful view of the city.

After visiting and praying at the locality of St. Roch chapel, in warm sunny months, we recommend visiting the church of the Birth of the Holy Mother of God on hill Tirol. You can go to the church by car and we recommend that you take a walk on the hill slopes of the Tirol hill from the church.

Church of the Birth of the Holy Mother of God is not open for visits, but is a great place for prayer and meditation in the forest of the Tirol hill. Next to the church there is the Mala Gospa spring, where you can refresh and drink fresh water.

After a hike on the slopes of the Tirol hill, we certainly recommend a short trip to the forest park Djed and refreshment at the Djed restaurant. The Djed restaurant offers you different types of specialties typical for this area, and we certainly recommend you to try their chestnut specialties.

The restaurant is located within the forest park Djed, where you can enjoy the mountain air and beautiful view of Kostajnica and the River Una. After refreshing at the Djed restaurant, take a walk through the forest park Djed. There is also an outdoor playground for the children. Before descending to the center of the city, we recommend that you stop by the statue of Jesus the Savior and briefly pray.

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