One-day excursion with young people

duration: 8 -10 h type: for groups of young people

Hrvatska Kostajnica is located near Zagreb and has a rich sacral heritage. If you are planning a one-day gathering of young believers, then we strongly recommend that you start your Kostajnica visit with prayer and meditation in the parish church of St. Anthony of Padua.

Everyone can start their spiritual contemplation by asking questions: “What is the meaning of my life? Why do I live? For whom do I live? “There is no man who hasn’t asked those questions once, and answers to one of these questions may be found in the parish church that is the heart of a small place where faith was often the driver of life and development of the area.

After the parish church, visit the remains of the former parish church of St. Anne. Today, only the remnants of the former parish church are visible, which was largely destroyed during the war.

After St. Anne’s walk along the river Una and you will reach Zrin Fortress. The fortress can be opened if needed, and its preserved walls have for many years resisted the long-standing assaults of foreign invaders who spread their faith.

In the Zrin fortress, with permission from the tourist board, you can organize outdoor games, gatherings with song and prayer…

After the Zrin fortress, walking along the river Una you will see an old bicycle and a memorial to Croatian veterans where you can pray for the country. Be sure to drink water at the Tekija spring, and continue your journey to the ruins of the former church of St. Nicholas, climbing the St. Rocco stairs and praying on the ruins of the former church of St. Roch.

After descending Rochs’ stairs, you can organize a gathering and prayer on the meadow next to the remains of the St. Nicholas church.

Before returning home, be sure to stop at the lookout on Čukur hill where the memorial to Gordan Lederer is located.

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