Trip for families with children

duration: 8-9 h type: educational and recreational trip for families

Start your visit to Kostajnica by visiting the memorial to Gordan Lederer on Čukur hill. From this place you have a wonderful view of the city, and there is also an opportunity to introduce children to the history of our people. You can pray together for your intentions and needs by the memorial and take a walk on the hiking trails.

After the Čukur hill, descend to the center of the city where  the old fortress Zrin is, the former city center that for many years resisted the Turks’ attacks. Opposite the Zrin fortress, there is the parish church of St. Anthony where you can also attend the Holy Mass.

As part of the parish church there are valuable stained-glass windows that show the scenes from Jesus’ life. After visiting the parish church, walking along the River Una will bring you to the memorial to defeated Croatian veterans, the old bicycle, the spring water Tekija and the road will bring you to the remains of the  St. Nicholas church. In the meadow besides the remains of the church you can organize sports activities for children. Near this locality there is also a spring of drinking water called Pekinac.

Be sure to visit the hill Djed that is a protected forest park. There is also the same-named Djed restaurant next to which is a playground for children. After lunch, walk through the forest park, pray at the Cross of Jesus the Savior, and if you have time, visit the church of the Birth of the Holy Mother of God and take a walk on the Tirol hill.

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