Two-days excursion with young people

duration: 2 days type: for groups of young people

Start your visit to Hrvatska Kostajnica with a prayer in the parish church of St. Anthony of Padua.

After prayer and spiritual contemplation, we recommend visiting the memorial to Croatian veterans. With a beautiful view of the River Una, the memorial is an ideal place to pray for our country and to remember all the veterans.

Walking along the river Una, towards the center of the city, you will come to the remains of the St. Nicholas church. In this locality there is a spacious green meadow where you can organize prayer, gatherings and outdoor games.

Near the St. Nicholas church there is also a spring of drinking water Pekinac where you can refresh yourself. Near the spring Pekinac, there are twisting St. Rocco stairs that will lead you to the top of the hill where the remains of the chapel of St. Roch are.

For lunch, we recommend that you visit the Djed or Varoški bunar restaurant. After lunch, you can organize a gathering with outdoor games, prayer and songs on the island on the river Una.

In the evening at the Zrin fortress, with permission from the tourist board, you can also arrange film projections with songs and prayer.

Begin the second day with prayer and exercise. You can also attend Mass at the parish church of St. Anthony of Padua.

After the Mass, take a walk towards the viewpoint of Čukur where the memorial to Gordan Lederer is located. With a beautiful view of the town of Kostajnica, surrounded by forest greenery and fresh mountain air you can  pray for your intentions and needs.

Near the memorial to Gordan Lederer, in the forest green you also have wooden benches for socializing, prayer and spiritual contemplations on the meaning of life and other intentions. After the viewpoint, go to lunch before going home.

If you like, keep your personal spiritual diaries, write down some of the contemplations and intentions you pray for. In larger groups, the group guide may write down different prayer intentions on paper that will be shared to all participants of the trip.

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