St. Rocco stairs

Twisted stone St. Rocco stairs are next to the remains of St. Nicholas church, near spring Pekinac. They lead uphill to the remains of St. Rocco chapel where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city at the foot of the hill.

Prayer to St. Rocco:

“O, God Our Savior – Jesus Christ, in Your gentle Providence and fatherly wisdom, You set St. Rocco to be a powerful protector of infectious diseases and through him You blessed immensely our neighbors in anxiety.

Because of his merit, have mercy on us, when our health is endangered and when we fear death. Turn away the angel of death so we have time for remorse, for You do not want the death of a sinner, but You want him to convert and live. Amen.”


Address: Ul. Vladimira Nazora 44430 Hrvatska Kostajnica