Advent and preparation for Christmas

Exhibition of stone manger

In Christmas time in parish church of St. Anthony of Padua a stone manger with motifs from Bethlehem is on display. This unique manger was made by an academic sculptor Vinko Fabris, who was born in a stonemasonry family in Korčula.

The manger shows Jesus in the Bethlehem stable together with Mary and Joseph, while shepherds with sheep and the Magi come to visit them. All of the figures of this unique manger are carved in white stone.

The manger can be seen in the parish church of St. Anthony of Padua between Christmas and the feast day of St. Anthony the Hermit. It is exhibited at the monastery dining room of the parish church.

Advent in Kostajnica

Advent is a time when the whole town adopts a special holiday atmosphere in which the scents of cinnamon and cooked wine are spread. Preparations for Christmas start with the first of four Sundays of Advent. It is custom in this area that the homes are decorated with Advent wreaths.


During Advent, early morning Masses are held in the parish church at 6:30, except on Sunday and the feast day of St. Nicholas the bishop. On the feast day of St. Nicholas (6th of December) Holy Mass is served at the parish church at 10:00.

During Advent there is also a fun entertainment program being held (concerts, performances …) and there is also an opportunity to try products from local farmers, such as Kostajnica braids from squash, chestnut honey, chestnut sweets …