City Day 13/06 - Feastday of St. Anthony of Padua

On the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua – 13/06 – the patron saint of city Hrvatska Kostajnica is traditionally celebrated.

A saint who dedicated his life to God is celebrated by a solemn mass at the parish church of St. Anthony of Padua. This saint was a man who worshiped the truth, an apostle of peace and goodness, protector of the poor, who always and everywhere openly opposed bullies.

In addition to the solemn mass, numerous cultural and entertainment events are held in the city, marking the day of the city of Kostajnica. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you also join us at the feast of St. Anthony – the patron saint of Hrvatska Kostajnica.

About the life of St. Anthony of Padua

Having lived only 36 years, weakened with efforts and water sickness, St. Anthony readily and in the spirit of faith met the hour of the transition to the Father. On Friday June 13, 1231, on the way to Padua in the Arcella Monastery, one of the greatest apostles of Jesus Christ and his Gospel passed away. He was buried in Padua and his grave is in the magnificent basilica called “il Santo”.

Not a full year later Pope Gregory IX. solemnly included him to the order of the saints. He did many miracles during his life. Immediately after his death, many miraculous healings have been attributed to him, officially tested and guaranteed, and many amazing miracles obtained through his intercession have continued until today.