Legend of the hill Djed

City of Hrvatska Kostajnica is situated at the foot of hill Djed which is nowadays known for its dense forest park. At the end of 16th and the beginning of 17th century Hrvatska Kostajnica was ruled by Turkish invaders who banned all Christian customs.

According to the legend, at the time, an old man who, during Advent, was hiding on the forest slopes of the hills, gave gifts to his fellow citizens despite the fact that it was forbidden. Centuries later, in honour of that man, the hill was declared a forest park and named Djed (i.e. Grandfather).

Visit us in Advent and who knows … maybe you’ll meet our Grandpa. And while seeking for Grandpa, enjoy the Christmas carols, the smell of cooked wine and the pleasant atmosphere of restaurant Djed,which is  located in the forest park.