Kostajnica braids are an inevitable part of the gastronomic offer of this region, and we strongly recommend that you try them during your visit. Taste local specialties at our restaurants.

Restaurant Djed

Restaurant Djed is located on the hill Djed in the center of the forest park Djed. Surrounded by greenery and beautiful view of the city, the restaurant is an inevitable stop for all visitors who want to taste local specialties with chestnut or some other meals typical for this area. It is decorated in the style of a wooden cottage with fireplace in the center of the restaurant. Near the restaurant there is a playground for children.

address: Put za Djed bb
phone: +385 44 851 561

Restaurant Varoški bunar

The Varoški bunar restaurant offers you an original home atmosphere because it is a well-known gathering place for the local population. It is located on the slope of the hill Tirol, surrounded by beautiful green of the trees and overlooking the town. Restaurant Varoški well is the ideal location for tasting the specialties of gastronomy of Kostajnica, from which we recommend Varoš steak or chicken made in the Varoš way.

address: Ul. Varoški Bunar 19
mobile: +385 98 926 1735

OPG Lovro Lenac (family farm)

Kostajnica braids are dried pumpkins traditionally eaten in this area during the holiday season, especially on Christmas Eve. The braids are made by cutting the pumpkin into broad noodles  and drying them in the sun during the summer. Today OPG Lovro Lenac is engaged in the production of pumpkin and traditional manufactory of Kostajnica braids, which were proclaimed an official souvenir of the town of Kostajnica. It is also possible to buy them there.

address: A.Tomulića 10
phone: +385 44 851 090
mobile: +385 99 512 7643