Remains of St. Anne church

Former parish church of St. Anne was made on the ruins of a wooden chapel of St. Francis presumed to be the location of the first Franciscan monastery. Chapel of St. Anne was built in 1720 with a wooden bell tower and had a main altar dedicated to St. Francis Seraph.

Stone fragments of architectural medieval elements of the monastery were found in the interior of the chapel. Today, only the remains of the Chapel of St. Anne (the walls and obelisk) are visible in the local cemetery, because it was completely destroyed in the Croatian War of Independence.


The remains of the Chapel of St. Anne are in the local cemetery and today only the remains of the former parish church are visible.

Way of the Cross

Traditionally, every Lenten Friday a Way of the cross is held that ends just in the location where the remains of the church of St. Anne are.

Prayer for graces in marriage:

“O holy Mother Anne, you spent all your married life living holy through the grace of God and in every way promoting the glory of God by fulfilling most responsibly the duties of wife, mother, and housewife; obtain for me, your ward, from Jesus, preservation of those graces which I have received in the sacrament of marriage,

so I may holy guard the class specially awarded and blessed by God, faithfully fulfill all my duties for the glory of God, the salvation of my soul and the souls of my near ones, until my earthly task is completed.

Do not let, powerful patron, that I ever think, speak, or do, something by which I would lose those graces and go astray. Let your holy example be my constant encouragement, so I may advance in God’s love and achieve Christian perfection appropriate to my class. Amen.”

Prayer of a pregnant woman:

“Eternal God, immensely good Father, You sustain every being and in your wisdom and goodness You have blessed my marriage bond, I thank you for that grace and plead from my heart that You bless my child in me, which I already give and dedicate to you. All the difficulties, the pains and the sufferings, which will befall me, I offer up to you devotedly for its’ temporal and eternal good; do not let it die without sacred Baptism!

Keep me from all sinful thoughts, words and deeds that could hurt me or my child! – O most blessed Virgin and Mother of God, St. Joseph, Holy Mother Anne, guardian angels, and all the saints of God, pray for me in this blessed state. Amen. Our Father.”


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