Remains of St. Nicholas church

First records of St. Nicholas church date back to 1334. The wooden chapel was raised by Franciscans and because of the needs of the parish, through history it was enlarged and equipped with a baroque altar.

Unfortunately, in the year 1991 it was completely destroyed and only the remains of the walls around the main altar that is preserved on the same spot are visible today. There is a green meadow around the church on which a cross is put. Next to St. Nicholas church is the spring Pekinac and twisting Rochs’ stairs that lead to the hill where the remains of the St. Roch chapel are.


There are no holy masses held here. Traditionally, on the feast of Palm sunday, the parishioners gather together around the cross for the blessing of branches and forming a procession they go to the parish church of St. Anthony of Padua to mass.

Visit the locality

The remains of St. Nicholas church are in the open and are available for visit. You just have to be careful around the walls because there is a risk of collapse.

Prayer to St. Nicholas for children:

"God, our Father, we pray that through the intercession of St. Nicholas you permanently keep, protect and help our children grow up safe in love. "


Address: Ul. Vladimira Nazora 44 44430 Hrvatska Kostajnica