St. Anthony of Padua church

The history of Christianity in the area of ​​Hrvatska Kostajnica is marked by centuries of resistance from the Ottoman Empire. Through periods of turmoil and resistance, the parish church has changed its location and is now in the very center of the city, where it was raised by the Franciscan Order in the 18th century.

The parish church of St. Anthony of Padua, made in baroque style, suffered damage throughout history and has now been completely restored. In the 21st century it was enhanced by the stained glass of academic painter Branimir Dorotić depicting the city patron saint St. Anthony of Padua and the cycles of Jesus’ life.

Holy Mass Schedule:

Sunday Masses at 10:00 and on working days at 18:30

Visit to the Church

The Church is available for a tour every day, it is only necessary to announce yourself.


Parish priest: Stjepan Jambrošić Phone: +385 44 851 021

Prayer of St. Anthony:

“Lord Jesus, look at your inheritance, which you, so that it would not die without a trace, wanted to confirm for your children with your blood, and let it proclaim your word with confidence.

Do not forsake the lives of your poor who You have saved and who have no inheritance except You alone. Support them  Lord by the power of your stick, for they are your poor. Lead them, do not refuse them, so that they do not leave the right path without You, but lead them until the end, so that, by living in You, their role, they would come to You, their purpose. ” Amen

Recommendation to St. Anthony in any need:

“Remember, St. Antony, that you’ve always helped and comforted all who turned to you in their  needs. With firm confidence I also recommend myself to your powerful intercession with God. Do not refuse my supplications and through your intercession with God obtain for me – if it is for the good of my soul – a grace … for which I pray.

Help me in my need and trouble! Bless me, my work, my family and all my dear ones, guard us from illness and peril of soul and body! Strengthen all of us so that in pain and temptation we remain firm in faith and persevering in love. Amen.”


Address: Ul. Davorina Trstenjaka 3 44430 Hrvatska Kostajnica