Statue of Jesus the Savior

Statue of Jesus the  Savior is certainly included as a part of the memorial heritage of the city of Kostajnica. On a slope descending from the hill Djed, there is a statue of Jesus the Savior on the cross. From this location you have a wonderful view of the town Hrvatska Kostajnica and Una.

If you find yourself in the vicinity, we surely recommend that you stop for a moment and enjoy the beautiful view. Take time for yourself, pray and entrust your requests/contemplations to the Lord.

Prayer at the statue of Jesus the Savior

Lord Jesus Christ, we stand under Your Cross! As once your Mother and John, Mary Magdalene and other women stood under the cross in Jerusalem, so are we here too.

We lack words to express everything we feel in our hearts. There is something compelling us to pray to You: stay with us through your holy cross!

Please stay in your Church, stay with mankind! Do not turn away from it, even when many may pass indifferently beside Your Cross, some get distant from it, and others do not come to it. Because maybe people today more than ever need this power and this grace, which is You alone, You alone through your Holy Cross.

Stay with us in this deep secret of Your death, in which you announced that “God so loved the world”. Stay with us and attract us to yourself! Stay with us by Your Holy Mother, whom you have entrusted from the cross to every man! Stay with us! Bless all who in this way pray with me. Amen.


Address: Ul. Davorina Trstenjaka 3 44430 Hrvatska Kostajnica